Parakeet Skull with Overgrown Beak and Sclerotic Rings

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Parakeet Skull with Sclerotic Rings for sale! You will receive the Budgerigar (Parakeet) Skull with Sclerotic Rings pictured. The Sclerotic Ring is a ring of bone found inside the eyeball of some animals! We have processed this ring and attached it to the skull with a small white wire that runs through the center of the skull. Please refer to the photos! Length 1'' Width .5'' Height .75'' Please note, there is slight natural staining throughout and this skull is missing the two small nasal bones that normally sit above the beak, this is visible in the photos and reflected in the price.

All measurements were taken at the longest point.

Please note, This Parakeet passed away from natural causes in a wildlife reserve before being sent to us, we do not harm animals for our work.

All of our skulls are real animal skulls and we do not sell any replicas. We clean all of the skulls ourselves.