Reserved for X - Frogfish Skull

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Real Frogfish Skull for sale! You will receive the frogfish Skull Pictured! Up for auction on this beautiful summer day is none other than The Eastern Frogfish Skull!! or at the very least a type of Frogfish! We posted about one of these intriguing little ones from our collection a while back and now is your chance to bring one home ✨ The Eastern Frogfish is a bottom dwelling fish and an ambush predator with a large expandable stomach, capable of swallowing crustaceans, molluscs and other fishes whole. Apparently the Frogfish is often called grotesque and was even declared “The Spawn of Satan” by a country official! But I have to say I think they are kind of cute

This Skull was gifted to us by a friend long ago and was then further processed and articulated in our studio. The skull has been degreased and whitened/disinfected, however there is still some light discoloration present.