Wolf Bone Sewing Needle

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Wolf Bone Sewing Needle for sale! You will receive ONE of the real hand carved Wolf Bone Sewing Needles pictured. Each needle has been hand carved, and sanded in our studio from start to finish from a single piece of a real Wolf Tibia! The needles features an eye for thread and measure approximately 3“ long. Please refer to photos!

This is a real Wolf bone, we do not sell replicas. 

Please note, this bone has been sourced from a Northern Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf, the Northern Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf is a subspecies of the Gray Wolf located in the Northern Rocky Mountain range. This is not an ESA-listed sub-species and is legal to sell and posses. Idaho Fish and Game Mortality Report available on request. 

Please know your state laws when purchasing Wolf Parts. If you have any questions feel free to send us a DM or an email.

Bones have been used to create sewing needles in many cultures for thousands of years, the world’s oldest sewing needle with an eye found to date was created from an unidentified Bird Bone and measures in just under 3”, this needle was found inside Siberia’s Denisova Cave and is said to be 50-60,000 years old. According to The Siberian Times, this sewing needle predated homosapiens and was created by an extinct species of human known as the Denisovans. Other bird bone sewing needles have been found in Sibudu Cave in South Africa which also date back to 50-60,000 years, although it is not clear if these had an eye for thread.